“You guys won today. You guys won yesterday, so that’s two in a row……

June 23, 2007

If you win again tomorrow, that’s called a winning streak. IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE. ”

Well don’t look now, but the rangers have actually put together a nice little winning streak. While they are still 15 games under .500 and 17 games back of first place these past few days have given fans reason to believe the future is not as dim as it was once thought to be. The rangers have gotten some quality starts from some their starting pitchers. Namely Kameron loe, Kevin Millwood and Robinson Tejeda which bodes well for this season and beyond. Now if they could just get some of their players to play a little defense this team could string together a decent winning streak.

Another bright spot to note is that it looks like Frank Catalanatto is starting to heat up a bit. If the team is going to be playing Frank and Brad Wilkerson regularly then they need both players to start producing a bit more if they want to get this team back to within being bad instead of being mind-numbingly horrible.


2 Responses to ““You guys won today. You guys won yesterday, so that’s two in a row……”

  1. BigDsport said

    It’s nice isn’t it? No complaining, no arguing, just guys going out there and doing what it takes to win. They’ve won six of their last eight, but run into Roy Oswalt today. I’m still impressed with Marlon Byrd, this guy can play.

  2. lonerangers said

    Yea i’ve also been pretty impressed with Byrd. I thought he would of been like Matt Kata or Ramon Vasquez and started off scorching hot but then fizzle in the end, but Marlon has been able to consistently deliver and has been one the team’s pleasant bright spots this year. But it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see the production that we’re getting out of Byrd and Diaz. Once upon a time they were both top prospects for their respective teams.

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