I have been a fan of the Texas Rangers since the mid 90’s, through thick and thin, for better or for worse. As fans it is our job to question to moves of our teams’ owner and his managerial staff. We may not always agree with the moves, but if nothing else, they provide decent water cooler talk.

But in the latest column of the Bergen County Register – a New Jersey publication – Tom HicksĀ  who – if this even has one bit of truth- proves that he likes being the laughing stock among Texas Ranger fans.

Could Tom Hicks really be this asinine? With how this season has gone, with the team’s less than stellar record and with the team supposedly committing to a youth movement how could you possibly even think about brining Alex Rodriguez back?

I’m sure Hicks wants us to think that signing A-rod would increase the number in the win column. But the only number that is going to increase with this deal is going to be the attendance. And Mr. Hicks know this. This is purely for public relations, Tom Hicks doesn’t care what place this team finishes he is in it purely for the money. He actually reminds me of the Cleveland Indians owner in the film Major League.

I am a huge fan of Alex, i’ve got nothing against him as on individual person or player. And I’m not going out as far as some to say that he is a team cancer, but let’s face it the team was not very good with Alex. The rangers finished in last place all 3 seasons he was here and his outlandish contract hampered the team from making any financial moves that could benefit the club.

So unless Alex Rodriguez decides to give Tom Hicks and Jon “Boy” Daniels a huge discount, I don’t see anyway this is a positive move.


I read something interesting the other day on The Newberg Report that actually makes alot of sense. Do the rangers really need to trade Eric Gagne? Sure the team is in last place and trading him could bring back a possible important piece of the puzzle in return. But what if it doesn’t, what if this team can not get anything better for Eric Gagne than a mid-level prospect at best? Does it still make sense to trade him then?

Since Gagne is a free agent after the season, and with the stats he has compiled thus far he will most likely be classified as a type A free agent (like carlos lee last year). If that’s the case then keeping Gagne and letting him walk at the end of the year would ensure the team 2 extra draft picks next year. One in the first round and one in the supplemental round. Which will be a welcome addition come draft day next year, especially if the team goes after any high priced free agents this summer. Remember the rangers lost a 1st round pick this past year for the signing of Frank Catalanatto.

If you win again tomorrow, that’s called a winning streak. IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE. ”

Well don’t look now, but the rangers have actually put together a nice little winning streak. While they are still 15 games under .500 and 17 games back of first place these past few days have given fans reason to believe the future is not as dim as it was once thought to be. The rangers have gotten some quality starts from some their starting pitchers. Namely Kameron loe, Kevin Millwood and Robinson Tejeda which bodes well for this season and beyond. Now if they could just get some of their players to play a little defense this team could string together a decent winning streak.

Another bright spot to note is that it looks like Frank Catalanatto is starting to heat up a bit. If the team is going to be playing Frank and Brad Wilkerson regularly then they need both players to start producing a bit more if they want to get this team back to within being bad instead of being mind-numbingly horrible.

Hello world!

June 19, 2007

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